Hi-Q is is the oldest continuing academic quiz competition in the United States. Currently eighteen schools from Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan actively compete. Each school’s team is composed of eight students who are counseled by a representative of the school faculty (called a team adviser.)

There are three rounds of contests during the regular Hi-Q season that begin in January each year. Each team competes once in each round, and three teams appear on stage in each contest. At the end of this series of eighteen contests, standings are determined by the total points earned by each team in the three programs in which it competes.

Questions are drawn from 14 subjects and based primarily on the content of standard high school courses and general scholastic knowledge that students can be expected to have acquired at school or elsewhere. Guidelines for study and specific reference material are provided when the category is not usually a standard high school course.

Questions are prepared from various reference works of which the students are informed. Subjects covered are American Government, American History, Art History,Biology, Chemistry, Current Events, Geography, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Shakespeare, Sports, and World History.

Additional information including scores and schedules is available at:



Returning team members are given an option to stay on the team. New team members must be nominated by teachers in spring. Students are then asked by the Hi-Q advisor of their interest. Nominees are expected to indicate their interest promptly, allowing a day for deliberation if necessary. If the number of interested students exceeds the available openings, their year of schooling will take precedent, followed by grade point average.


Homeroom meetings will be held in Mrs. Zingler’s classroom the school day before a scheduled meet. This meeting serves to remind you to follow the agreed upon dress code (wear something blue, but no jeans) and the location of our practice room, as well as departure and return times. If a meeting is announced, you can assume it’s important and that attendance is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, seek out another team member to find out the information that was shared. Do not assume that Mrs. Zingler is available during your study hall or lunch time. Contact her via email at
zinglerb@www.lena.k12.wi.us to pose questions or set up an appointment if needed.


Full day practices will be held on the days of the scheduled meets, as well as the practice meet. Team members are expected to make up any missed work from their regularly scheduled classes. Mrs. Zingler will notify the high school faculty via email of the excused days. If you are taking a class via Triton or at another school, you are required to inform your instructor of your upcoming absence. Math practices will be held Wednesdays at 7:30 in Mr. Torzala’s classroom on a weekly basis, beginning in October. Additional practices may be held during the week of a meet. You earn your practice points (toward lettering) when you attend practices.


The number of points needed to earn a season letter and/or pin is 25. You can earn points in the following ways:

A) 1 point per math practice

B) 5 points for submitting study notes for the team binder in your assigned category

C) 1pt per meet for attendance (mandatory) total of 4 points

D) 5 points for holding an officer position and completing officer duties


All awards a participant earns throughout the season will be distributed at the annual

Awards Ceremony held in May. This includes all school-earned letters and pins.


Leadership positions are offered to veteran team members, with current job descriptions are as follows:

A) President (responsible for helping Mrs. Zingler with various tasks & responsible for publishing photos & articles in the school newsletter, chooses the team choice category based on preferences of teammates)

B) Vice President (assuming the duties of the President if needed)

C) Treasurer of Books(responsible for maintaining check in and check out of resource materials throughout the season)

D) Secretary (responsible for taking notes from meetings, sending emails, arranging yearbook photos & organizing binders as assigned by Mrs. Zingler)


Each student who desires to participate in Hi-Q this season must do the following:

A) Read through the information in your Hi-Q binder thoroughly

B) Agree to the expectations & uphold the commitments of the program throughout the season

C) Sign his/her name to the Expectations Form (printable from this site or available from Mrs. Zingler)

D) Turn the Expectations Form in to Mrs. Zingler by the deadline

E) Complete the Permission Form and turn in to Mrs. Zingler by the deadline