The purpose of Forensics is to improve one’s communication skills.  The outcome of one’s season depends solely on the time spent practicing.  The more a person practices, the greater his/her chances of scoring higher at competions.  The required advisor practices and public performance practices are MINIMUM requirements.  Of course, a participant is encouraged to practice MORE than the minimum requirement.



It is crucial that participants show up for practices promptly (on time)! Also, at various meets, you will be instructed to meet the rest of the group at a certain location at a certain time.  It is imperative you not make people wait for you.  If you do make people wait for you, your actions tell others that only your time and interests are important and that others’ time and interests don’t matter.  Always BE where you say you’re going to be WHEN you say you’re going to be there.  This includes arriving to school on time to leave for meets.



Team Meetings are typically held during homeroom or lunch. I call very few meetings during homeroom.  If a meeting is announced, you can assume it’s important and that attendance is mandatory.



A)  To schedule the required advisor practices, sign up through Edmodo for a particular time slot.  Practice times & length vary depending on an individual’s talents, experience, and availability.  Most sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes long.  You earn your practice points (toward lettering) when you show up on time and practice for the entire practice time.  Group Interp. and Play Acting groups require more time, so they should be scheduled after school.

B)  To change a scheduled practice session, you may do so without losing accumulated season point totals (toward lettering) IF you change the appointment at least 24 hours before that time of if you find someone else to take your place.  If you fill in your name beside an available practice session, that keeps others from scheduling in that spot.  If you cancel at the last minute, you have prevented others from using that time as well as yourself.  When we have Forensics competitions and time is limited, this situation contributes to people not being prepared for the competition.  Excessive failure to make practices will result in expulsion from the team.



The number of points needed to earn a season letter and/or pin is 25.  You can earn points in the following ways:


     A) 1pt per practice (10 minimum practices) B) 1pt per public performance practice (5 minimum)
     C) 1pt per meet for attendance (mandatory) D) 1 or 2pts for certificate/medal at the M&O conference meet
     E) 1pt for advancing beyond sub-district F) 1pt for advancing beyond district
     G) 3pts for earning gold at state, 2pts for earning silver, & 1pt for earning bronze
     H) 1pt for actively participating in Forensics for the entire season



All awards a participant earns throughout the season will be distributed at the annual Awards Ceremony held in May.  This includes all school-earned letters and pins, M&O certificates and medals, 4-year participant awards, and state medals & certificates.  A coach’s choice award will also be given at the ceremony to the participant who demonstrates the greatest improvement and commitment throughout the season.



Participants will be expected to elect the following officers who will deomonstrate leadership, give adivce & support, and set a high example for faithfulness in practicing as well as achievement in performances.  Positions are as follows:

A) President (responsible for helping Mrs. Zingler with various tasks)

B) Vice President (responsible for publishing photos & articles in the school newsletter, local newspapers, & yearbook)

C) Treasurer (responsible for maintaining accurate records & reconciling books monthly in the district office– this is very time-consuming)

D) Secretary (responsible for taking notes from meetings, & organizing scripts)



Each student who desires to participate in Forensics this season must do the following:

A) Read through the information connected with the Forensics website thoroughly

B) Agree to the expectations & uphold the commitments of the program throughout the season

C) Sign his/her name to the Expectations Form available from Mrs. Zingler

D) Turn the Expectations Form in to Mrs. Zingler by the deadline

E) Complete the Permission Form and turn in to Mrs. Zingler by the deadline